Insurance Audits

RH CPAs, PLLC provides a variety of services in regard to statutory requirements of mutual insurance companies in North Carolina and Tennessee. Our insurance group provides operational guidance along with practical solutions to assist smaller mutual companies in accomplishing their goals and sustainability in this unpredictable industry.
The following services are designed to assist your company in the development of a sound and successful business plan:

• Insurance audits – Accounting/financial, underwriting, claims and operational processes
• Merger and Acquisition Consultation services
• Statutory accounting training and curriculum development
• Insurance forecasting and projections
• Insurance tax compliance and planning
• Examination and review of internal control process – information providing strengths and weaknesses of internal controls involved in operations
• Procedural audits
• Compliance with regulatory actions
• Reinsurance contract analysis and program review

RH CPAs, PLLC prides itself on the ability to provide top notch service at lower cost to small and mid-size companies while still adhering to strict professional and regulatory standards. Our insurance team will develop the most cost efficient plan to audit your compliance with statutory regulations and income tax requirements. RH CPAs, PLLC concentrates on analysis of data along with extensive audit procedures to provide the most effective and thorough audits. These services not only allow adherence to regulatory compliance, but also provide opportunities for improvement to management process and operational procedures to and safeguard your company and its policyholders from potential threats and risks in today’s insurance environment.

Accounting Service Sectors

We address all of personal financial needs. From tax and financial planning to income tax filing and audits, we’ve got you covered.

We address all of personal financial needs. From tax and financial planning to income tax filing and audits, we’ve got you covered.

RH CPAs, PLLC believes nonprofits serve as a valuable part of our society. We are committed to providing these important…

We at RH CPAs, PLLC know that government entities play a valuable role in our daily lives whether it is at the local, state…

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