Governmental Advisory Services

We at Rives & Associates, LLP know that government entities play a valuable role in our daily lives whether it is at the local, state or federal level. We also know that the reporting of how these various entities operate is just as valuable so that taxpayers know their hard earned tax dollars are being spent well. We at the firm are committed to providing outstanding service to our government partners. We offer the following services to the governmental sector:
• Financial statements audits, reviews and compilations
• Circular A-133 audits – single audits
• Financial statement preparation
• Agreed upon procedures
• Internal control evaluation
• Risk assessment analysis
• NCAA compliance
We have the ability to serve various types of governmental entities, but have a particular niche with the following:
• Boards of education
• Community colleges
• Towns and cities
• Foundations serving government entities such as community colleges and universities
• Trade associations
• Volunteer fire departments
• Sanitary districts
• Governmental component units
Many of the clients listed above annually receive the Governmental Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. We are an associate member of the Governmental Finance Officers Association, and staff routinely attend conferences and continuing education sponsored by the NC GFOA and the UNC School of Government.
UNC School of Government
National GFOA


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