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What is a Cost Segregation Study?
Most commercial and rental real-estate buildings are scheduled to depreciate their costs evenly over 39 years using the straight-line method.
But each building is unique, and a cost segregation study takes that uniqueness into account.  Its breaks out the equipment and leasehold improvements that can be depreciated in fewer years and at an accelerated rate.
We work with certified engineers to identify the components of your properties that can be depreciated in the shortest amount of time possible, saving tax dollars now and throughout the life of the property, For existing buildings we can take a deduction for the items identified and catch the depreciation up in the current year. Many property owners are able to save thousands of tax dollars implementing this strategy
Rives and Associates, LLP, is one of only a few North Carolina accounting firms currently performing Cost Segregation Studies. Best of all, we can do a FREE analysis of any building to come up with the costs and potential tax savings. The preliminary analysis  is performed with no obligation by our qualified engineers.
You really have nothing to lose. 
Learn how Rives can save you even more with a Cost Segregation Study.
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