Tax Minimization

Working in cooperation with qualified engineers, architects, contractors, and our team of tax professionals identify strategies and deductions to help business owners and individual taxpayers reduce their tax burden. We employ a variety of tax planning techniques to help our clients attain predictable, reliable tax savings.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an effective (although underutilized) tax planning tool that can help businesses free up cash flow and minimize their tax obligation. Restaurants, factories, manufacturing plants, banks, and other businesses who have purchased, renovated, built, or improved property or equipment holdings often have much to gain by mounting an effective cost segregation strategy.
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Final Tangible Property Regulations

The IRS has issued final regulations affecting costs incurred to acquire, maintain, and improve tangible real and personal property. The provisions are simpler to understand, easier to administer, and are generally taxpayer-favorable — allowing additional deductions and standardized rules.
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179D Energy Efficiency Tax Deductions

As part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, commercial property owners or lessees who made significant energy efficiency improvements may qualify for special deductions that can result in significant tax savings. Improvements that increase a building’s efficiency could return up to $1.80 per square foot in deductions, with lower efficiency improvements still qualifying for $0.30 to $1.20 per square foot.
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