Philosophy and Management

The Firm and Its Objectives

Statement of Philosophy

RH CPAs, PLLC (Firm) is a multi-office Professional Limited Liability Partnership engaged in the practice of public accounting with three offices in North Carolina.

We have a primary objective to provide high quality audit, accounting, tax and advisory services to clients in the best professional manner. Our Partners, Managers, and Staff are expected to comply with this statement of philosophy in order to achieve that objective.

We firmly believe that our clients successes, are our own successes, therefore, our goal is to provide professional services in a amanner which leads to our clients success.

“Professionalism” in the accounting profession means integrity, objectivity, independence where required, adherence to professional standards and applicable laws and regulations, and a demonstrated will to maintain and improve the quality of professional services and to withstand all pressures competitive and otherwise, to compromise on principles, standards, and quality. Particularly in the field of auditing, professionalism requires an understanding of and dedication to the public interest; the public interest in audited financial statements has placed the public accounting profession in a unique position of public trust. Moreover, there is also a significant public interest in the way in which the Firm carries out accounting, tax, and advisory services. Therefore, no client or Firm consideration is allowed to interfere with our ability to carry out our commitment to professionalism.

Firm Management Philosophy

Integrity, Objectivity, Professionalism, and Vision are the ideals that resonate throughout our firm.

RH CPAs, PLLC is an accounting firm that thrives on being different. We have developed a service model that is more responsive to our clients. Clients who have previous experience with other accounting firms quickly find that working with RH CPAs, PLLC is a different experience altogether. We act as a partner in our client’s enterprises, not as a vendor. We think this is the best and most effective way to structure a relationship.

We have a twenty five year history of exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our firm was started on the premise that our clients should have high expectations of us and we have even higher expectations of ourselves. The result has been an accounting firm that provides trusted, long-term relationships, with the depth of services that larger accounting firms offer, at lower costs to our clients.

Our perspective is that a knowledgeable independent advisor should be able to relate to the unique problems of our clients and their interrelationships with similar organizations in the public and private sector. This perspective, coupled with our working experience with a wide variety of entities, enables us to provide innovative and practical solutions to the problems and issues our clients face.

Our partners and senior managers maintain a high degree of client involvement. We understand that professionals who have gained specific client knowledge through on-site experience are best equipped to serve our clients, so we are committed to returning team members to the same engagements each year. This continuity helps control costs and saves time, by making sure you are working with trusted professionals who have a clear understanding of your goals and strategies.

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